Forklift University, inc. provides the best and most comprehensive forklift and aerial lift training in Phoenix, Tucson and around the entire state of Arizona. It does not matter if your company needs on site forklift training and evaluations or a Train the Trainer course. Or you are an individual that needs certification or hands on driver training, Forklift University in Phoenix can get you OSHA certified with the right training today! Call our office and find out how we can make sure you or your operators are forklift certified! Our local Phoenix number is 602-903-1895.

Get forklift certified online for only $49.95! Good in all states.

$49.99 Gets you Forklift Certified for 3 Years

If you have experience operating a forklift and need to take the formal training class to become certified, this on line class is the best way to get your operator license. This online class only costs 49.99 and will take about an hour to complete.

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Company Training

Your company can be 100% OSHA compliant with on site operator or Train the Trainer classes at your facility. When our instructors teach t your place of business, we discuss your site specific safety issues in addition to the standard OSHA requirements. Train the Trainer classes provide on site instruction and all the materials, videos test needed to make sure your company trainer is completely ready to train. Te Train the Trainer program includes materials in MS Word so you can edit and reprint and several videos not just the single standard video provided by other companies.

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Hands on Driver Training

Individuals can take the online class or come in for a certification class at our facility in Phoenix. But if you have never driven a forklift and need hands on driver training, then your only and best choice is Forklift University.. We provide hands on driver training to individuals that need to learn to operate a standard lift, our classes are limited to 3 students and you will get plenty of seat time in your pursuit of a higher paying career.

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OSHA Forklift Training in Phoenix

You have found the best place to get information on forklift training and forklift operator certification in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Call 602-903-1895 to begin your training today

Forklift University provides forklift training in the Phoenix Arizona area. We have training classes by appointment, or at the company facility.

Classes for individuals include:

  • Forklift 101 – OSHA Forklift Certification Class (sit down, reach, pallet jack)
  • Forklift 102 – Hands on Driver Training¬† (must take 101 first)
  • Forklift 101R – Rough Terrain (boom, construction) Forklift Supplement training
  • Forklift 101O – Order picker/selector operator training
  • Aerial 101 – OSHA Aerial Certification class
  • Aerial 101E – Operator evaluation and familiarity
  • Aerial 102 – Hands on Aerial lift operator training (must take 101 first)
  • On line training in English and Spanish

Classes for companies include:

  • Forklift 101 – OSHA Forklift safety class designed to cover the standards and review your site forklift safety rules and hazardous areas.
  • Forklift 101E – Forklift Operator Evaluations as required by OSHA. Hands on evaluations
  • Aerial 101 – Boom, Scissor and bucket truck operator certification class
  • Aerial 101E – Aerial lift operator evaluations and familiarity training
  • Train the Trainer Forklift – Forklift training to allow companies to certify in house
  • Train the Trainer Rough Terrain supplement – Add on module for construction lifts
  • Train the Trainer Order Selector supplement – Add on module for Order Selector lifts
  • Train the Trainer Aerial Lifts – Scissor lifts, boom lifts, bucket truck trainer training
  • All materials available in English or Spanish

You can do it on line, at our facility or at your facility!

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