Forklift Operator Certification

For those that need a forklift license, Forklift University is the best option. Forklift University provides several types of classes for all types of forklift drivers. To begin with, Forklift University will not scam you by offering or promising jobs just to take their training. USA forklift and US Forklift promise jobs if you take their training and all they do is give people a list of jobs from Craigslist after you pay them for a certification card. They do not provide forklift driver training classes, they charge you for an “evaluation” which is not necessary since you must be evaluated by your employer on the equipment you are using. And the training class in only a video and simple test without the OSHA required discussion and student / instructor interaction acheter viagra sans ordonnance en suisse. And to top it off, they charge per lift so what appears to be a cheep solution is really a nickel and dime way to get more money from you.

Forklift University on the other hand, provides real hands on forklift driver training. Class size is limited and is a full day of training. If you do not have the skill after taking the class you can return at no extra charge for more driver training time. The formal training class as required by OSHA is a full 2 hour classroom training that covers in detail forklift safety with an instructor with over 20 years of forklift training experience. If you already have forklift experience and just need the certification class you can either take it in our office or on line.

And to top it off, the certification class and your forklift license are good for a full 3 years and cover 3 types of lifts, stand up – sit down – pallet jack. These are the most common lifts and for those that need order picker, scissor lift, boom lift or rough terrain forklift they have training classes for those as well.

Don’t fall for the scam, if you need to be forklift certified you need to call Forklift University… 888-674-9992