Forklift Certification in Texas

Forklift Certification in TexasForklift certification is required based on OSHA requirements 1910.178 that covers all powered industrial trucks in the USA. Companies are required to provide formal operator training to anyone that operates a forklift at their facility viagra prix pfizer.

The training must cover many topics and should not just be a video and a short test. It should cover safety hazards and site specific situations that the forklift driver may encounter. Companies not only should provide the training class, but observe and evaluate the forklift operators on the equipment they will be using to make sure they can physically perform the job of forklift operator.

If you are a forklift driver or want to be a forklift driver, you may or may not be required to take a forklift certification class prior to getting a forklift job. Many companies do in house certifications, but many still accept outside certification. If you are applying for a job through a staffing agency you will probably be asked for your current forklift license.

In both cases, Forklift University of Texas can make sure that forklift drivers are trained and understand the proper safe use of a forklift. We offer on site forklift training and operator evaluations at your company, or if you are looking for a forklift job and need to be certified we have classes at our facility in Pasadena Texas where you can get certified. If you have no experience on a forklift, we also offer full and comprehensive forklift driver training for those that want to learn to drive a forklift.

For more information or to schedule forklift training at our facility or at yours fill out the form on this page or call our toll free number today. 888-674-9992