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Forklift Forks should be at least 2/3 under a load

Many forklift operators pickup loads and only put the forks through part of the load for many reasons. But how far is safe?

We all agree that forks under the full load is best but what if the racks are back to back or the load is against a wall?

If you go under the full load in this situation you can catch on the other load and knock it off the opposite side rack or pop a hole in the wall.

So best practice is to be at least TWO THIRDS 2/3 under the load and Pick up a load with your forks under at least 2/3 of your load, then if you can bring the load down and get the entire load.

So what does 2/3 look like? Here is a photo at Merchants Metals where they pick up loads with the right amount of forks.

You will notice that the forks are way more than 1/2 way under the load!

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Forklfit Loads

What is this goofy fish bowl hanging off the side of this forklift?

What is this goofy fish bowl hanging off the side of this forklift?

A certified and forklift trained operator should know about the forklift as well as the safety aspects of the unit. By being forklift certified you gain additional knowledge about the safe operation of your forklift. While OSHA forklift safety training is mandatory in the USA, a good operator will also find out about the individual parts of their lift.

So what is it?

It’s an engine air pre-cleaner used to separate out heavy¬† particles from the air before they reach the filter.

You might see these at a construction site or anywhere with a lot of airborne debris and moisture. Some may look different than other but they all use the natural spin of the air entering the intake to eject heavier dust and moisture drastically extending the life of filters.

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Don’t do these 10 things on your Forklift

Good video on Youtube from Mitsubishi Forklifts in the UK. These 10 things all lead to major problems and accidents that could cost a life.

<iframe width="960" height="540" src="https://www.youtube acheter generic viagra.com/embed/AgpZ0eDKgww?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Walkie Stacker forklift training for MIT in Las Vegas

Walkie Stacker forklift training for MIT in Las Vegas

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) took advantage of walkie stacker lift training today. Recently developed for Hussman in Chino, the class is designed to train and certify walkie stacker operators under the OSHA 1910.178 guidelines for powered industrial trucks. This class was developed by Forklift University to help operators get the proper safety training targeted to the lifts they will be using faut il prendre viagra.

At this MIT location, they only use a walkie stacker and did not want or need a full forklift safety class as was done in the past. So Forklift University provided a walkie stacker only class where operators got equipment and facility specific training, which included discussions of site hazards and the best operational adjustments to make sure they were safe while using the lift. If your company is looking for equipment specific forklift training at your facility please let us know, we can be reached by phone at 888-674-9992.

Forklift University provides training at your facility for all types of forklifts, (sit down, reach, walkie stacker, electric pallet jack, telehandlers, turret trucks) as well as other powered industrial equipment like sweepers, scrubbers and tuggers. We will do the training at your facility anywhere in Arizona, California, Nevada,  New Mexico, Utah and Texas. For those companies that want to provide their own training, we have train the trainer classes that provide all the materials, videos, testing and instructor training.

New Year Resolutions

New Year ResolutionsJanuary 1 has come and gone, we have all been back at work for a day or so now and the cobwebs are finally clearing viagra au naturel. So now would be a good time to make sure that your forklift license is still current. They are good for only 3 years and should be renewed after that time. Don't put this simple project off, the new year will get busy, projects will begin to pile up again and you could be in viloation of the OSHA training guideline 1910.178.

ForkliftUniversity.com can get your experienced operators certified in about 2 hours but if you need us to come to you, just let us know. For those in Houston we have a new training facility and you can get your forklift license or learn to drive in about a day.

Houston is not the only new location we have, Los Angeles has a beautiful new location with hands on driver training, certification classes and walkins are allowed on Tuesday and Thursday and our instructor speaks Spanish so you can learn in a comfortable environment.

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